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Transform your subconscious mind, activate your inner wisdom and meet your psychic self.

Experience powerful transformation and change in your life through rapid subconscious reprogramming of belief systems to create the ultimate state of self-empowerment.


Using a mix of modalities focused on creating the environment for ultimate self-empowerment, we come together in session for you to experience powerful transformation and change in your life.


Sharing tools for the times, I bring together the energy of a group that is ready to create change and take inspired action to expand, elevate and transform.


I am.

The modern-day guide for living life on purpose, elevating personal power and expanding your intuitive gifts.

'I am.' is packed full of personal discovery prompts, reflective questioning, personal stories of intuitive expansion, practical examples, inspired imagery and includes nine custom elixir recipes that you can make at home.


"I LOVE it!! It's such a me book, that relates to me in more ways than I thought it would…and for someone (me) who doesn't read books/novels much at all ... this was one I couldn't put down for ages, and it's because I relate to it, it got my attention from the first few lines. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful book!"

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Are you ready to step into your power like never before?

Do you want to move through life with more ease?

Do you want to trust yourself unconditionally?

Do you want to learn to listen to your intuition, your guides and the messages they are always sending you?

Do you want to shift your vibration higher and change up your perception?

Do you want to start living your life every day with more joy and a deeper understanding of who you came here to be?


"...Your intuitive nature and softness helped to gently bring a lightness to areas of discomfort that I am ready to work through; I left feeling stronger in myself and with a knowingness that it’s all going to be ok, I’ve totally got this!..."

Sam. J

“...I also gave myself permission to start really healing before that first Breathwork workshop, I opened myself up to listen, to heal and to move forward, and you showed up to help me delve deeper! It’s a real gift to help someone move through their “darkness..."

Luke. W

"...Since working with Elaine, I have such a better understanding of self and feel like I’m really developing my toolkit to become my most authentic self - something I will never be able to thank her enough for..."

Emma. B

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Guided Meditation + Yin Yoga

Join us for a dreamy evening of restorative yoga, guided meditation + essential oils through poses.

Intuition + Community

Come together to expand your intuitive gifts and explore all things intuition in a space designed to create self-empowerment. 

Book Club - coming soon

A chance to come together, have a laugh and journey through a chapter of ‘I am.’ as a collective




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