I create the environment for self-empowerment.

Me, Elaine

For so long now I have been equal parts fascinated and curious with the human belief system, the subconscious mind and the process of de-conditioning. I now come together with individuals and groups and utilise a combination of PSYCH-K, energy healing, shamanism + high vibration pure oils to allow you to break free of limiting beliefs + transform stress in minutes.

I am.

The modern-day guide for living life on purpose, elevating personal power and expanding your intuitive gifts.

Are you ready to step into your power like never before?

Do you want to move through life with more ease?

Do you want to trust yourself unconditionally?

Do you want to learn to listen to your intuition, your guides and the messages they are always sending you?

Do you want to shift your vibration higher and change up your perception?

Do you want to start living your life every day with more joy and a deeper understanding of who you came here to be?


Tune in + Transform
Decondition + Intuition + Alignment

Work with me

1:1 sessions

Do you want to expand your intuitive gifts? Are you ready to break free of limiting beliefs and transform stress? Book your session now.

Essential Oils

Are you curious about essential oils but have no idea where to start? Send me an email and let’s work it out together. 

Success stories

“...I also gave myself permission to start really healing before that first Breathwork workshop, I opened myself up to listen, to heal and to move forward, and you showed up to help me delve deeper! It’s a real gift to help someone move through their “darkness..."

Luke Woodham
Connect + Community


Guided Meditation + Yin Yoga

Join us for a dreamy evening of restorative yoga, guided meditation + essential oils through poses.

Intuition + Community

Come together to expand your intuitive gifts and explore all things intuition in a space designed to create self empowerment. 

Book Club - coming soon

A chance to come together, have a laugh and journey through a chapter of ‘I am.’ as a collective

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