twenty one

days to tune in

Journey with me

Over 21 consecutive days, I will land in your inbox as you take a journey to tune in.

  • Each day you will build trust and belief in your intuition and in yourself.

  • Each day a prompt will land in your inbox, an exercise or activity for you sometimes with reflective questions.

  • These activities will build and strengthen your intuition, they will guide you to tap in, tune in, and heighten that feeling.

  • You will realise just how powerful and magical you are and that you know what’s best for you at all times.

  • You will build trust in your intuitive connection and know that you can ask your questions and receive your answers whenever you want.

'Just 21 days to tune into your intuition and expand your intuitive gifts'

You don't need anything or anyone else to do this.
For just $21, just a dollar a day you will be well on your way to building deep trust in your intuition and belief in yourself.

All the activities are simple, most only require 5 - 10 minutes each day. You will be able to revisit them time and time again, just save the email series in a separate folder to revisit the magic whenever you desire.

All you need to do is begin.​ Are you ready?


Receive the latest offering releases before anyone else and my self awareness prompts each month.

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