an alternative way. starts today.

So I've started something.  It's one of those things that at any other point in time would never have made sense and if anyone had told me this would be in my future, I would have laughed and shrugged it off.  I have started a workshop based Alternative Health business centred around Essentials Oils called Alternative Way Co.

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What's so unbelievable about that?

I am notorious for my strong dislike of public speaking and when I say 'public' I mean any more than one other person where the focus is on me, this includes friends and family.  Taking photos with my face in them.  No thanks.

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Just. Can't. Do. It.  Or I should say, just 'couldn't do it.  Because somehow, magically, it doesn't phase me at all anymore.  

Thanks to these incredible humans, Natalie Warner (of Greene Street Juice) who has been by my side as we explore new ways of 'getting things done' - Nickie Hanley, the most incredible yoga teacher and inspiration to me - Sam my partner who would support me in absolutely anything even if I said I was building a rocket ship on our balcony to travel to the moon - Pana who always has my back, never even have to ask. Because of them.
I am here. 

Whilst I am incredibly passionate about essential oils and their incredible properties, I am also aware that so many other factors combined with essential oils have contributed to the place I find myself in today.  Food, organics, intuition, mentors, friends, alternative health practices, yoga + meditation have all played an integral part.  I am living my best life and in perfect alignment when I am surrounded by inspired and awake individuals, I gain an incredible amount of energy from empowering conversations and high vibing energy that I walk away buzzing.  I'm addicted to it, I want more of it and I am excited to create a community that supports, inspires and thrives too.  It's selfish really, I'm creating this because this is the community I desire and I crave.  A community that turns its back on exclusivity and turns towards inclusion.  Because we are all connected and we all deserve to belong and be valued.  

It is because of this that I founded Alternative Way Co. to ensure that we can collaborate with other individuals and companies who are contributing to positive change that are thriving and well respected in their own fields of expertise.  People and companies who are committed to empowering, sharing and supercharging the content and knowledge that we share with you in our oils PLUS workshops.  We specialise in essential oils and development workshops. Our supportive apply-and-learn workshop environment encourages you to share in knowledge, and gives you the information and empowerment you need to always seek alternative relief and medicine, first.