something nice to say? tell them with no attachments

When you have something amazing to say to someone, do you tell them?  Do you always reach out to them and let them know?  Whether that be in person or a message?

I'm not talking about your friends and family (though they should definitely be included), I'm talking about strangers.  People you've never met before.  If you do, I think that's INCREDIBLE!  If you don't, why not?

Up until the past few years, I was in the sometimes but barely ever category.  I realised that I was stopping myself from reaching out because of these stories and fears I had made up in my head (just a few of them being) - 

  • They're going to think I'm nuts
  • They'll think I'm weird and be scared of me
  • What if they don't reply to me? (queue rejection stories)
  • I'm being annoying and stalker-ish reaching out to someone I've never met

I woke up.  I realised that it's possible to spend such a large part of the day hearing, seeing and talking about negative things and participating in vibe killing conversations that I had to find a way to shift my attitude.  I think a lot about attachment and what the experience of non-attachment can do to a situation and in fact, our lives.  If we are attached to an outcome, it always affects our intention.

I've been picking up and putting down, stopping and starting this incredible book 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success' by Deepak Chopra and I flipping love it.  Especially Chapter 6, you guessed it, 'The Law of Detachment'.


So these days, 85% of the time (still aiming to up this percentage) if I think something complimentary or positive, I'll pass it on and detach from any fears.  Whether it be a comment on the style of someone I maybe be standing close to waiting for coffee, a simple direct message to someone on Instagram who may never read it to tell them how inspiring I find their posts, looking someone in the eye and telling them that I truly appreciate their time.  Any or all of these.  I have made a choice to participate, show up and demonstrate the type of community I want to exist in.  For those of us who are conscious beings and who yearn for something more, for community, for belonging and for an end to the traditional model where we join the race to climb to the top at the expense of others.

When you've got something magical to say, speak up and spread that gold dust everywhere x