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I have so many books that ultimately regurgitate the same self help “cure” giving false hope with a one size fits all message. Your “work of art” is already pulling me apart to allow the growth that i am really needing. Ultimately planting that elusive seed for growth that so many promise but are left forever searching for.

I am only on page 24 and I am already confident that this is possibly the best book i have ever purchased. I know this will be the best thing for me and i am so grateful that someone finally created a book with this type of content. So thank you so much.

‘I am” is a compelling book – it takes you on a journey of self-discovery enabling you to get real insights that you can use to create an amazing life. The practical activities provide the foundation for deep inner work and when entered into honestly provide rich information. This is the challenge – going beyond the surface and challenging yourself to do an honest audit on your life! This is hard but what I find to be distinctive of ‘I am’ is the supportive energy that the book exudes – it is as if Elaine is walking along side you at each step of the process, supporting you to challenge yourself while creating a container of safety and unconditional positive regard. It is a definite book for your library that can be revisited at each life transition point.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the book start to finish and couldn’t put it down from the time I opened it, I got lost in the moment. Beautifully written & presented and strangely the perfect timing for the journey I am on.. a lot of thoughts have started to make some sense and of course raised some questions & emotions. I’m planning to reread again this weekend and go back through my journal for another perspective and have booked in to see you too as well. But in the meantime thank you for such a wonderful book. Belle. W

I cannot wait to see myself literally crack open, evolve and grow from your work.

I’ve gotten through the first 10 pages or so and it’s already touching deep for me, Thank you!

I am is a real treasure. It is even more beautiful in real life. Not only is it visually stunning but it is full of incredible knowledge and exercises to help you reconnect with yourself. A lovely reminder to honour and love yourself as you are, without judgement. I love it so much I bought copies for all of my staff!

LOVE your book! Should have bought more copies.

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