energy elevation series

Support for the collective to rise

Decondition + Intuition + Alignment

What you will receive

  • 1 hour of energy elevation in selected week.

  • Explorative questions relating to the 4 week series.

  • Email or brief video update capturing my experience for the week.

  • Simple action steps for integration afterwards.

*Disclaimer, experiences vary for each individual. There are no guarantees given by Elaine So or Time and Space Co.

No refunds once purchased.

Your investment:
Purchase individual weeks for $25 each
Purchase all 4 weeks for $77
*All pricing is in AUD, Australian Dollars
July Energy Elevation Series Focus

Relationship to Self

Week one
  • Identifying and clearing any resistance to acknowledgement of shadow.

  • Identifying and clearing shadow aspects of yourself that no longer serve your best and highest good.

  • Clearing of limiting beliefs that keep you looping in circles due to shame, anger, guilt, hurt + mistrust.

  • Clearing space to move through to acceptance of your past and gratitude for what is present.

Week two
  • Create deep space for inner peace and calm within self.

  • Clearing space within to hold your inner child, nurturing, nourishing + loving.

  • Space for reconciliation, forgiveness and healing within, the thinking, protective mind and the loving, open, vulnerable heart.

Week three
  • Clearing of any residual resistance to dream of a newly formed identity free of conditioning.

  • Hit the reset button and refresh your most powerful and aligned identity.

  • Permission to be enough exactly as you are in any moment.

  • Permission to be worthy and deserving of love in any moment, exactly as you are, for who you are.

Week four
  • Creating an energetic embodiment of your intuitive nature.

  • Clearing space for immense self empowerment.

  • Clearing limiting beliefs around being understood, seen and heard.

  • Clearing space for communication and appreciation for your unique gifts and voice.

Purchase the whole 4 weeks of Relationship to Self for only $77


What are you doing?

Meeting your energetic body and soul and holding space for the collective energy of the group to let go and transform, experience frequency and energy elevation utilising energy, sound, shamanic + subconscious transformation techniques whilst I am sitting and holding the space for participants.

Why is this for me?

If you’re craving a shift and want to connect to a higher frequency, then there is no better time than now!

Who can join in?

The Energy Elevation Series is for anyone who wants to experience an upgrade in their frequency.

What do I need to do?

Connecting in to hold space for transformation and change remotely means that you are able to be anywhere in the world and doing anything you like at the time I sit for this process. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, no consumption of alcohol or mind altering substances for 24 hours beforehand. Avoid caffeine if possible. Once you have received your confirmation email after purchasing you have nothing further you need to do. Your presence at the time I sit to hold space is not required so you are able to join in regardless of timezone or commitments throughout your day.

What changes can I expect to experience?

Take a look at some of the experiences from those that have joined in previously.

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