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The modern-day guide for living life on purpose, elevating personal power and expanding your intuitive gifts.


About the book

‘I am.’ is about discovering your innate self. It’s self-led, and aims to increase self-awareness to social de-conditioning, and facilitates an exploration of your current belief system, ultimately allowing you to tap into your own intuitive gifts!

The intention behind this book was to create something so beautiful that you would happily leave it out on your dining table or desk. A book you won’t have to hurriedly stash away when you have visitors. My hope is that it not only serves you in a magical way but it also acts as an opening to beautiful conversations between family and friends facilitated and prompted by the reflective questioning within its pages.

The book is packed full of personal discovery prompts, reflective questioning, personal stories of intuitive expansion, practical examples, inspired imagery and includes nine custom elixir recipes that you can make at home.

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I am.

The back story

This book shares my experiences of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), mediumship, shamanic work, PSYCH-K and learnings to navigate life over the past 10 years and is laid out for you to journey through at your own pace.


The process of the book takes you through a method of personal discovery, on to personal responsibility, and then guides you through practical actionables and use of your intuitive gifts.


This book has been somewhat of a divine creation, an example of just how powerful women are when we come together. With the incredible contributions from creative wildfire Emma Baldwin, powerhouse editing assistant Malehna Gochman, love in pure form Ashleigh Kubiak, Elisa Pizarro the ultimate cheerleader and Elodie Faustin the master of artistic expression, there has been so much joy in seeing creative women create.

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