Inner Revolution is a return to the natural intelligence of what womxn do. We come together in real imperfect vulnerability.


Inner Revolution


Inner Revolution is a 30 day program for the awakening womxn, the one who wants to dial into the primal feminine, a state of ‘being’ anchored in unshakeable trust.


The Inner revolution experience is full of tools for the times. As our world shifts and changes all around us, we are answering the call to go inwards, to recall and remember the unshakeable trust lying dormant within us.


Within every womxn is the primal source of her power and inner wisdom. This energy propels us into open minded creativity, pleasure, bliss, and a multidimensional life experience. Many have disconnected from this crucial internal source, no longer holding unshakeable trust within but clouded by limiting beliefs and stories of who we are and what we're capable of. We are multidimensional beings expressed in human form. 

As the number of womxn answering the call to transform their lives increases exponentially, collectively we are strong catalysts of change in the world. The dialled in feminine allows us to remember and find our way back to heart centred consciousness. Together we awaken this deep trust in self and support one another to reel in the ropes of outside attachments and anchor individually into the teachings of the earth and our ancestors.

Enter this month long experience as an initiation and bask in the energetic rising of this powerful group of womxn as we bring our gifts online. We will individually and collectively go to work on our spiritual attunement.


We are one, we are whole, whatever higher power you believe in. You are one with that higher power, you are a piece of that, you are not separate. We belong to universal consciousness, it is only our illusion of separation that holds us in a state of suffering. Let this group of womxn who gather constantly remind you of the whole that you belong to. We see ourselves in each other, we are seeing divinity in motion within each other as we journey.

Read the disclaimer and program policies here.


What you will receive

Inner Revolution PDF Book

3 x Live Classes each week (12 total)

FREE access to TLC Membership Program (valued at $49/month)

4 x Guided Meditation Audios

Journal Prompts

Insights + Reflections

Teachings + Connection Circles

BONUS Full Moon Practice if you enrol before October 2nd

*All pricing is in AUD, Australian Dollars. Disclaimer, experiences vary for each individual. There are no guarantees given by Elaine So or Time and Space Co. No refunds once purchased.
Read the disclaimer and program policies here.

Experience a return to the natural intelligence of what womxn do.
We come together in real imperfect vulnerability


Your support team


Elaine So

Over the course of the 30 day Inner Revolution Program, Elaine will share live teachings with you multiple times each week on the weeks focus. Expect real life stories, vulnerable shares, teaching from knowledge gained through real life experiences and drawn from multiple modalities including subconscious reprogramming, the energetic realms, shamanism and multi-dimensional vision.


Cassie Magill

Cassie will be sharing her wisdom through regular live teachings and check ins throughout each week whilst also immersing herself in the community experience. With a vision to remind us of the true beauty and intelligence of the human body, expect her teachings to draw on wisdom from discoveries as a massage therapist, teachings from Eastern philosophies, energetics, healing arts and restorative practices to reduce emotional stress. 

Frequently asked questions

How much time will I need to commit to the program?

When you join the Inner Revolution, you are making a conscious decision to take responsibility for yourself, to declare that you are ready for change. When you take personal responsibility and combine that with a desire for change, the biggest shifts take place. See a sample schedule here.

We recommend that you set aside 1 hour each day to reflect and journey inwards, we provide you with a schedule to support this and we all move through each days framework as a collective. On days where we have livestream sessions (or if you are watching the playback), this may be 1.5 hours

What change experience can I expect?

The work we do together in Inner Revolution creates powerful potential, YOU create results through your actions. To see the real change you are craving, your commitment is required. Commit to yourself.

During our month of Inner Revolution we go to work to transform any energetic and subconscious resistance you may have in each week, then any effort you put forward towards your desires will produce maximum results. Potential plus action equals results. You are the master of your destiny and the time is now to take your desired actions. We’ll be right there next to you, activating and attuning with you!

Our goal is to have you reach a place of unshakeable trust where you are tapped into your intuition, inner wisdom and knowing and you are operating from your heart consciousness and intuitive nature. You are able to identify when you are stuck in your thinking mind and drop into your heart space or connect the two if that serves the situation best.

How is the program delivered?

We will provide you with a schedule that covers our 30 days together. Within this schedule there will be a mix of live sessions (also saved for those of you who can’t make the times) program material and group connection all delivered within our private IG account. You will also have access to the account for a further 14 days after the 30 day schedule ends to revisit the content within before it is closed.

IG Live Sessions

Live talks to unpack the weeks focus and support to move through any challenges that arise. We meet you in realtime and will share personal stories relevant to the times we are moving through. Our world is changing, we feel it too.

Journal Prompts

Powerful prompts that speak directly to the weeks focus and allow the discovery process to unfold.

Weekly Q+A Series

Each week questions you have submitted or common themes we see occurring will be addressed in a Q+A series.

TLC Practices by Sian Pascale

When you enrol in Inner Revolution, you will also get FREE access to the practices within The Light Collective online membership platform.

This membership (usually valued at $49 per month) is designed to support you to create your own self practice at home, allowing you to do the soul work at your own pace, at the time that works for you. These classes bring you the sacred teachings that will guide you on your own personal spiritual path, through techniques that awaken both your life force and consciousness. Using pranayama, mantra, kundalini kriya, flows, yin and meditation, expect to step into a different way of practicing yoga that is grounded in tradition, but made for the modern yogi. You’re welcome to browse the classes and participate however you feel. At the end of the month you’ll have the option to continue your membership with The Light Collective. We’ll suggest practices throughout the month that we LOVE.

Guided Meditations

Recorded guided meditations by Elaine So will be sent to you to keep and to be used throughout the schedule.


There will also be various practices and thought starters provided for you to pick up if and when you feel called.

What support will I receive throughout the program?

Elaine + Cass will be facilitating the Inner Revolution program, you can reach out to us at any time with questions within our private group. You will also have the support of your smaller circle of womxn that we will check in with regularly to ensure the smaller group dynamic is able to practice supportive communication and space holding for one another.

What if I get stuck or feel confused during the program?

If you find yourself feeling stuck or confused at any time, you can send us a message and we will get back to you with ideas and reflections on how to move through and process these experiences.

Can I do the program again?

Yes of course. If you choose to, you may join us again whenever you want. The program will remain the same or when necessary move and change with the times.

I am not in Australia, can I join in?

Yes definitely! We welcome womxn from all over the world. Our live classes will always be recorded and saved in the private IG for you to watch at your convenience if you are unable to join us live.

Experience a return to the natural intelligence of what womxn do.
We come together in real imperfect vulnerability, and together we rise.


Receive the latest offering releases before anyone else and my self awareness prompts each month.

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