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Energy Elevation - Month


Abundance Energy bundle includes all weeks:


Week 1:

Clean up of all limiting beliefs and stress surrounding receivership, money, deservingness, wanting abundance, greed, selfish-ness and shame. Deep gratitude for all that we have and are already. Dissolving any shame or attachment to the belief that as we have more, others must have less or miss out. Wounded inner child, we can’t have what we want beliefs.


Week 2:

Install trust in abundance energy. Trust and safety with money. Deserving-ness and permission to receive all that is trying to come to you. Understanding that what goes out comes back one hundred fold. Circulation and being taken care of always. Limitless abundance.


Week 3:

Creating clear space for you to claim, deserve, be worthy, be safe and have permission to have abundance. Clearing to be clean and clear. Clearing for the space for all that you want to come in easily and effortlessly. For you to recognise with gratitude and receive with ease and grace.


Week 4:

To allow money and ALL abundance to flow effortlessly and easily to you. Living an abundant life is your souls divine right.