For quite some time now I have been acutely aware of something far bigger and greater than myself.  Through a range of 'spiritual' practices I have developed the ability to tap into my intuition, ask questions and to stay open enough to both receive and listen to the answers.  

I began training in Mediumship, initially to heighten my own intuition and without the intention to read for others.  During my training, I was given the opportunity to practice channelling through different modalities.  Time and time again I found myself going back to the one way I knew how, whether it was a crystal I was holding, a drawing or a flower I was reading, a personal item of someones, I would always tap out to then tune in and receive my messages, both visuals and a knowing (thought) and often a physical feeling in my body.  It became clear to me that what flowed best for me and I enjoyed most was to simply close my eyes, tune in and channel.  It's been a natural part of my evolution to then learn how to do this to support others.

I have been doing readings for the past year now and the time has come where I'm no longer concerned about hiding out in my 'spiritual closet'.  I feel completely authentic and aligned when I am reading and I'm filled with so much energy and light through this work that I'm ready to share it with everyone who is open to it.


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I believe in free will and personal responsibility above all else.

What I wish for you, is that you are able to take comfort, support, clarity and gentle guidance from my reading with you in which I will give you channelled communication from loved ones passed over, guides and spirit.   I hope my reading can offer you some or all of these feelings and that the whole experience feels like a warm hug..

I have endeavoured to explain a little about how I read, however at the end of the day, if I’m the right fit for you, you’ll know!  I am Melbourne based but my readings don’t need to be in person, I tune into your energy and channel messages received from your loved ones, guides and the higher realms.  I do however require that you are fully open to receiving a reading, as it will enable me to receive clearer messages and for me to communicate them clearly on to you.  

How I read

I send my readings through via text if you have iMessage or over Facebook messenger. Prior to your channelled reading, I pick essential oils intuitively for your energy and then I move on and do a channeled reading from your guides.  Towards the end of the reading, I will answer any questions from your list that have yet to be answered and send you a little info on the oils I initially picked for you to read.

Important Note - Because our readings are not in person, it can begin when you are at work, uni, or even taking care of children and it won’t matter.  Once I have begun the reading, your phone will start to notify you of quite a few incoming messages.  Please make sure that during the reading time, you do not interrupt me and message back.  I will let you know both when I’m about to begin the reading and also when I have completed it.    After your reading, please let me know when you have both received and read.


Essential Oils

The reason I like to incorporate essential oils in my readings is because of their powerful ability to help support both the emotional and physical body.  It is an empowering way for you to actively work on any blockages or seasons in your life you may be working through or anything that may come up in your reading.  Whether you use them as a roll-on to wear during the days or specifically to meditate or journal on a certain emotional blockage, issue or situation is up to you to decide what works best. 

You can take the information to further support you or alternatively, I can send through further information on purchasing and working with the oils yourself.  I use DoTerra essential oils and my recommendations are in reference to this brand only.



  • Price - $95.00
  • Payment must be received prior to reading, please ensure you pay 48 hours before your booked session to leave enough time for this to clear.  
  • Please leave your first name, last initial and date as reference for your payment


If you would like to go ahead and book, please also read the below information

Prior to your booked reading

  • Send through a current photo of yourself (along with all other info in the one email)
  • If you would like to give me a brief background on yourself you may do so but this isn’t required.  
  • Send through a max of 5 questions you would like to ask, if they aren’t covered in the reading, I will address them at the end.
  • Make sure questions are not requiring a yes or no answer.  I believe in free will and personal responsibility so will not answer these.



R E A D I N G  R E V I E W S


My reading with Elaine was one of the most surreal moments of my life. It was quite confronting for another person to read me in such an honest and accurate way, but Elaine did so in the most caring and eloquent way. This experience has given me direction and energy, and I would recommend it to anyone.
- Emma
While this is not a path usually travelled by me Elaine walked me through the process in an non intimidating and accessible way which allowed me to fully open up to the concept. I am in my Saturn returns and have been calling on different resources to really take in all the offerings of this amazing time.

I found it so surprising that Elaine's reading showed me insights into the frameworks that I have already been intuitively working within, and extraordinary to see that the reading provided me with guidance that was so RELEVANT and ACCESSIBLE. Its like she tapped into the exact aspects that I needed to gain clarity and understanding of the path I am on and what that means in relation to the greater forces happening around me.

The reading opened me up to different concepts that I had never considered a part of my make up. These concepts, such as ancestry and legacy have given me a complete other dimension to my self understanding, self respect and a greater perspective on what is really happening in this universe. 

A truly beautiful experience that I have given myself the time to marinate in, my eyes are more open, my heart more open and my connections more open and meaningful. 

Thank you
- Tori
The reading I had with Elaine resonated deeply with my situation and offered gentle, supportive guidance. The compassion, care and love in the reading still bring a tear to my eye when I think of them, and I often find myself reminding myself of her words when I’m in a time of uncertainty. The reading has given me confidence to pursue my path with clarity and strength. Thank you Elaine. 
- Emily
My reading with Elaine was my first channeled experience of this nature - and certainly an incredibly insightful and eye opening one.  The process was very simple, and Elaine gave clear instructions and guidelines for how it would work and what was required.  The reading covered a broad range of facets of my life with a considered, articulate and gentle approach. Energetically, her guidance was genuine, meaningful and practical - and gave me clear direction about new pathways and techniques for dealing with stagnation. The way that it was done remotely and in writing, meant that I have revisited it many times since. I also love her encyclopaedic knowledge of essential oils, and how she combines then with her readings as a way to support you both emotionally and physically. 
Our session has had a profound, cleansing and deep impact on me, and I could not recommend Elaine more. 
- Prue
I've been so impressed about how spot on and honest Elaine's reading was. Not only was it accurate and deep, but she offered plenty of guidance and advice on how to move on, all written in a really clear way.  Since I'm a busy mum, I love that Elaine can read from wherever without having to meet face to face. Individually recommended essential oils are a great bonus - I'll certainly be using them to help support me further.
- Katja
Wow! Having never experienced a reading before but I had an open mind about the experience to come. I was blown away at the accuracy, insight and level of detail Elaine was able to tap into with my reading.  She is authentic, talented and the real deal. I highly recommend!
- Jacqui