Hey gorgeous, I meant to ask you and then forgot, would you mind if I used some of your response to me from our intuition as a ‘review’? I can just put your initials only if you’re not comfortable with any more than that? or if you wanted to write something completely different that you were happy for me to use that would be amazing too? let me know either way and no pressure if you don’t want me to use anything at all xx
— Me
Elaine you are pure magic, I had not idea what to expect but I love the fact that I didn’t as it left me more open and didn’t allow me to create any barriers around expectation in my head about what I was going to be experiencing. Your intuitive nature and softness helped to gently bring a lightness to areas of discomfort that I am ready to work through; I left feeling stronger in myself and with a knowingness that it’s all going to be ok, I’ve totally got this!
I cannot thank you enough, I’ve always known you were a special soul but this gift you are sharing with people is something magical
— Sam J
I feel you are able to feel into my feelings and “self” really well and put that into words. That enables me to go deeper and find answers I have avoided. I feel no agenda from you which allows me to feel comfortable with anything we talk about. I love your directness which comes with more compassion than I’m used to, so I don’t feel defensive.

I also gave myself permission to start really healing before that first Breathwork workshop, I opened myself up to listen, to heal and to move forward, and you showed up to help me delve deeper! It’s a real gift to help someone move through their “darkness”. I don’t feel defensive, embarrassed or judged which allows me to be ok with my past and change my future!! Big hug!!
— Luke Woodham
Sometimes we just meet people along our path and deep down somewhere in our memory reserve and between the strings of our heart and soul, we know we’re meant to be together as friends, family, lovers or mentors.

These people understand us sometimes deeper than we understand ourselves, and that’s who Elaine is for me. A friend, a mentor, a member of my soul family. Someone who sees me. Someone who can reach into the depths of my subconscious and ever so gently pull out my thoughts and emotions and hold them with care. She heals, questions and soothes.

She’s someone who sees more than my physical; she sees between my words and expressions and asks the questions which yield the greatest answers. She’s a guardian and partner in light from another galaxy. She’s my friend
— Ashleigh K