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Decondition + Intuition + Alignment

Work with me


60 minutes of PSYCH-K transformation

An hour of powerful subconscious belief change to live life on purpose.


In 1 short hour, you can expect to… 

  • Smash through limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for a lifetime.

  • Transform stressful situations stored and held in your body

  • Reprogram your subconscious with beliefs that support you towards your goals

Energetic Expansion

75 minutes

75 minutes to elevate and expand your personal power. A deep dive on YOU! It's time to tune into the magic. To explore what it is you really desire, to connect to your intuition and transform limiting beliefs that are blocking you.


In just 75 minutes you can expect to...

  • Reconnect with your inner guidance system and build a strong foundation of belief and trust in yourself

  • Gain certainty and clarity in your decisions and actions going forward.

  • Experience intuitive reading PLUS shamanic energy opening, followed by powerful facilitated subconscious belief change.

Clear + Connect

90 minutes

90 minutes to clear your energy, tap into, experience and expand your intuitive gifts. Specifically designed to focus on opening + heightening your intuitive connection so you can get the gift of receiving messages and guidance like never before.


In just 90 minutes you can expect to…

  • Move into a higher vibrational frequency

  • Experience several different ways of connecting and receiving your messages

  • Confidently be able to connect whenever you want

Essential oils

1:1 or group workshops

Are you curious about essential oils but have no idea where to start? Send me an email and let’s work it out together. 

Success stories

I feel you are able to feel into my feelings and “self” really well and put that into words. That enables me to go deeper and find answers I have avoided.   I feel no agenda from you which allows me to feel comfortable with anything we talk about. I love your directness which comes with more compassion than I’m used to, so I don’t feel defensive.


I also gave myself permission to start really healing before that first Breathwork workshop, I opened myself up to listen, to heal and to move forward, and you showed up to help me delve deeper! It’s a real gift to help someone move through their “darkness”.  I don’t feel defensive, embarrassed or judged which allows me to be ok with my past and change my future!! Big hug!!"

Luke Woodham

Elaine you are pure magic, I had no idea what to expect but I love the fact that I didn’t as it left me more open and didn’t allow me to create any barriers around expectation in my head about what I was going to be experiencing. Your intuitive nature and softness helped to gently bring a lightness to areas of discomfort that I am ready to work through; I left feeling stronger in myself and with a knowingness that it’s all going to be ok, I’ve totally got this! 

I cannot thank you enough, I’ve always known you were a special soul but this gift you are sharing with people is something magical

Sam J

Thank you again so very much, such an incredible experience I can’t quite succinctly put into words yet but I do plan to write to you to thank you properly. I’m just so amazed by how quickly things are filtering through now! So much to practice & become clearer with  writing throughout the day as called to.


Thank you thank you Elaine, I’m so very grateful for a beautiful experience and amazing opening with you xxx

Liza B

One of the most rewarding and unexplainable things I’ve ever done. Elaine has this magical ability to reach inside of you and pull out things you weren’t even aware were there. She walks you through everything with such kindness and compassion, I always leave feeling like I’ve done something really meaningful for myself. Since working with Elaine, I have such a better understanding of self and feel like I’m really developing my toolkit to become my most authentic self - something I will never be able to thank her enough for.

Emma B

Sometimes we just meet people along our path and deep down somewhere in our memory reserve and between the strings of our heart and soul, we know we’re meant to be together as friends, family, lovers or mentors.


These people understand us sometimes deeper than we understand ourselves, and that’s who Elaine is for me. A friend, a mentor, a member of my soul family. Someone who sees me. Someone who can reach into the depths of my subconscious and ever so gently pull out my thoughts and emotions and hold them with care. She heals, questions and soothes.


She’s someone who sees more than my physical; she sees between my words and expressions and asks the questions which yield the greatest answers. She’s a guardian and partner in light from another galaxy. She’s my friend

Ashleigh K

I loved the line of questioning to help me uncover some of the limiting beliefs and going deeper.  Almost searching deeper for where the limiting thoughts were coming from. 


I think throughout our session I realized again how much anxiety and fear I’m holding onto and the guided meditation was powerful in order for me to try and visualize what it is that I want to feel if I had let go of what I’m currently holding onto.

E. G

Wow - you legend. Massive business shifts and feeling better by the day, thank you so so much.

P. B

Elaine you are simply amazing and I have such gratitude that you are here to support me with delving deep into my limiting beliefs I have had for so long with patterns that are no longer aligned to me.


Although I find it hard to articulate to friends my experience with you the results I’m experiencing speaks volumes.


The best part about working with you for me is not spending the session talking about the story, you quickly jump on the issue/ problem at hand and help me break it down, then we jump up and reprogram. I feel this then allows us to work through the core issue, the original programmed limiting belief that started way back and again not focused around the story that I had created. 


We achieve so much in the hour and I'm just so excited by the end that I just can't wait to be out in the world. 


Your kindness and care also allows for me to be completely vulnerable in our sessions as I know that you have such a beautiful way of being able to create a space that feels safe to just be. 

Mon. D
Eva. K

"The emotional and psychological shifts that I have felt since my session with Elaine have been profound. I have been working on letting go of trauma from a past relationship for years. It wasn't until during and after my session with Elaine that I was able to really face and let go of the emotional blocks that I had been holding on to. I also went into the session seeking support to become more grounded and balanced in general day to day life - as I have the tendency to overcommit myself to the point of exhaustion. Over the past few weeks, I have started to automatically consider where I should direct my energy before I commit to social events or professional deadlines, and have even felt the ability to communicate my needs in these arenas strengthen greatly - this has always been challenging for me. Behaviour change is an incredibly hard thing to achieve; certain habits or beliefs can be deeply entrenched in the way you live your life. 


Elaine made me feel safe and supported during a session that involved the exploration of habits, beliefs and behaviours that I have struggled to explore, accept and change in the past. I could not recommend working with her more highly - whether you are seeking support with a particular issue or challenge, or if you are on a journey to find your truest self & live in alignment with whoever that may be."